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World’s Shortest Street

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Ebenezer Place … The World’s Shortest Street

Did you know, Mackay’s Hotel is situated on the world’s shortest street? That’s right. Ebenezer Place in Wick holds the world record for the shortest street. Our No 1 Bistro is the only address on Ebenezer Place, but at 6ft 9 inches in length (2.06 m), there is no room for another.

The Origins of Ebenezer Place

When Alexander Sinclair returned from America in 1883, after having made his fortune, he built Mackays Hotel. The Council of that day instructed him to put a name on the short end of the building as they deemed it a street. Ebenezer Place then appeared in the town’s records from 1887.

Robert Louis Stevenson, who spent some time in Wick while his father built the new breakwater in the bay, included a reference to Ebenezer Place in his book, Treasure Island. When you read Treasure Island, note the reference to the 5 hand way which is represented by Union Street, River Street, Bridge Street, Station Road and The Cliff.

The World Record

Caithnessians are noted for their tenacity. But we take our hats off to Craig Glenday, editor-in-chief of the Guinness Book of World Records. Back in 2006, Craig battled through gale force winds and storms to get to Wick. After 50 hours, with many detours, he arrived in Wick and declared a new world record an hour later!

A Hotel With A Heart

While it may be situated on the shortest street in the World, Mackays Hotel has a big heart and its historical home, dating back to 1883, has been loved and cherished by the same family for nearly 60 years. Ensuring it maintains its character, while embracing the very best of modern hotel luxury.

Short of street and long of history, Mackays Hotel takes its place in history very seriously. We know that every day, memories are created. And we want to be part of your memories. Whether its a short break in a stunning part of Scotland, the start of a beautiful marriage, a romantic evening out, a birthday, or simply a get together with old friends. We are here to make it memorable.

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