Visit Rumster Forest, Scotland
Explore Rumster Forest and the surrounding area

Visit Rumster Forest

Explore Rumster Forest and the surrounding area

For those looking to venture to Wick and who love spending time in and around nature, a visit to Rumster Forest, Scotland is the perfect place to visit for a day out. The Highlands is full of dramatic scenery and incredible wildlife at every turn. But, Rumster Forest is on another level entirely. Then there is the surrounding area – a fabulous place to explore with something for everyone.

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What Rumster has to offer

The forest itself is stunning. Owned by the Forestry Commission, there is a focus on diversity, which is evident from every corner of the woodlands. You can expect to see a large range of trees including pines and beech. And a brilliant range of blooming wildflowers in the summer! Overhead, you’re likely to see buzzards, hawks, and other rare birds. Within the forest’s boundaries, there are deer, rabbits, and lots of other wildlife for you to photograph, watch and marvel at.


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The surrounding area
Beech nuts in the pod
Common Buzzard on a rocky hillside in Scotland

Things to do nearby

When you’re done at Rumster Forest, you’re only a short distance away from some other incredible sights. Hop back in the car and take a short drive back toward the coast to see Wag of Forse, an excavation site that dates back to the Iron Age. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, why not explore Forse Castle, Hill O’ Many Stanes, and Gunn’s Castle? All of which are en route or just a short trip away from the forest, and provide equally exciting views and memories!

Visiting Rumster Forest

Stay hydrated

Remember, if you’re going to take the trip out to Rumster Forest, you should take some water and food with you. The forest is vast and will easily keep you busy all day but, there aren’t any refreshments or services within the site itself. It’s especially important to make sure you take water with you in the hotter months – hydration is key when outdoors or when trekking and exercising.

How to get there

Just seventeen and a half miles away from us, the forest is northwest of the town Lybster. Guests can travel to Rumster Forest in less than half an hour, and much of the journey involves driving along the coast. Follow the dramatic coastal roads of the Highlands down from Wick to Lybster, then turn inland and head for the forest.

Rumster Forest trails

Walking, cycling and pony trekking

There is a range of walking tracks, making it the ideal day trip for those interested in dog walking or hiking. With 3,441 acres of land, you’re unlikely to run out of sights on your adventures through the forest. If walking is a bit too slow for your liking, don’t worry! There are also brilliant tracks with opportunities for pony riding and mountain biking. Take a picnic with you and enjoy an entire day surrounded by the very best nature that the Highlands has to offer. You’ll be able to truly switch off from the workaday hustle and bustle.

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