Food and Drink in Caithness

Food and drink to sample in Caithness

No trip to Caithness is complete without trying our traditional Scottish food and drink! Food, scran, grub –  whatever you name it, we Scots love it! We have a wide variety of national foods that go hand in hand with our beloved beverages. So read on and fin out more about food and drink in Caithness, Scotland.

No 1 Bistro & Mackays Bar

For a taste of Scotland, join us at No 1 Bistro our restaurant in Caithness. Our delicious dishes feature fresh, local ingredients. Proper Highland fayre, right here in Caithness. Our Mackays Bar stocks over 500 whiskies. Along with a wide variety of beers, wines and spirits. We make a mean cocktail too!

Whisky distilleries in Caithness

We have an array of distilleries you can visit when you come to Caithness. So why not head along and sample some local beers and spirits? Take a tour to discover how your favourite drinks are made. From the famous Scottish whisky to gin and ales we have it all. Read on to see where you can visit locally.

Awarded World Whisky of the Year for their 21-year old (2012), Pulteney Distillery is a must-see to truly embrace the essence of Wick. Having thrived during Wick’s herring glory, Old Pulteney was one of the 50 pubs that were involved in serving 500 gallons of Whisky a day!

Additionally, with whisky roots dating back to 1821, the Wolfburn Distillery embraced the former glory of Thurso’s whisky. Established in 2012, Wolfburn’s modern approach to distilling Single Malt Whisky is an intriguing addition to visit while wandering through nearby town Thurso.

And for the gin and ale lovers our there…

For all those gin lovers out there, be sure to pass through Dunnet Bay Distillery – makers of the delicious Rock Rose Gin! Here you can explore their visitor centre and enjoy a tipple. We sometimes stock John O Groats Brewery’s small-batch craft ales in our bar. Although tours of this artisan brewery are not available at the moment, they are currently working on creating a visitor centre. So soon you can learn more about their brewing process.