Mackays Bar
A cold beer in a traditional Highland bar or a warm dram to chase the night. Whatever your preference, you’ll be in fine spirits in the Mackays Bar.
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Mackays Bar in Wick

Come along and enjoy a tipple in our wonderful Wick pub

A cold beer in a traditional Highland bar or a warm dram to chase the night. Whatever your preference, you’ll be in fine spirits in the Mackays Bar. If you are looking for a Wick pub or bar where you can settle in and enjoy a drink with great company, then come to Mackays Bar.  Whether you know him personally or by reputation, there’s no disputing that Mackays’ proud owner Murray Lamont possesses a love for sharing the finest malts available. After all, it’s not everyone that holds a merit qualification with the Scotch Whisky Association. if it’s a traditional dram you’re after, then you are in very good hands. And if you fancy unearthing some of Scotland’s finest malt, join us for a dram on a private testing session or have a neat holiday with our whisky package.

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Our pubs Wick-ed selection of whiskies...

For those of you less acquainted with our selection at Mackays’ Bar, we stock a wide variety of whiskies – over 500 in fact! With your options varying from old classics to private single cask bottlings of some of Old Pulteney’s finest, it’s easy to see how some of these liquid gems could be overlooked. Take your time and taste a few to see if you have a new favourite, or an old friend to reacquaint yourself with. We’ve got whisky from Wick and also some Caithness whisky to tempt your tastebuds.


We had booked this for the first of a two night stay in Wick. The food was so good we reserved a table for the following evening. The staff were excellent, one member of the team I think called Craig went above and beyond on both evenings to make our meal an experience. Highly recommend

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A cocktail of happiness...
Old Pulteney Whisky and two empty whisky glasses with a roaring fire in the background at Mackays Hotel in Wick
An orange cocktail with a slice of lemon

Fancy something fruity and colourful?

It’s not all about Mad Men, you know. Or Sex and the City. In fact, Wick could teach those iconic cocktail drinkers a thing or two about mixing and stirring and shaking. Fresh ingredients, premium liquors, and some exclusive recipes and we’ll have you sipping cocktails in style, like Carrie and her friends. Explore our cocktail list to preview our range of seasonal and permanent cocktails at our Highland bar.

James Bond would not know what to order.

It is certainly shaken and definitely stirred during one of our cocktail masterclasses!

If you want to impress your nearest and dearest with your bar techniques or develop some barista skills of your own, look no further! Join us at Mackays Cocktail Masterclass. These events are perfect for stag or hen nights, or just when you want to get a group of friends together for a great time. Contact us here for further information or booking a tasting session, cocktail Masterclass or whisky package.

Come and join in the fun at Mackays

So pop in and visit our fun and friendly Wick pub and get involved...

So when you are looking for a Wick pub or bar for a gentle evening or fun night out with your friends, pop into Mackays Bar. We welcome residents and non-residents to spend time here with us and our knowledgeable bar staff. Let’s have a grand night together. Sláinte!

Three gin cocktails