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Lunch at No 1 Bistro

Ask not what you can do for your country. Ask what's for lunch. Orson Welles may have said it, but we can provide the answer. And it's delicious.

A hearty lunch will keep you going, and our team know just how to prepare a lunch that not only fills you up, but tantalises those taste buds beyond resistance.

Freshly prepared local produce, loving preparation of mouth-wateringly good dishes and exemplary service combine to ensure your lunch meets the standards we’ve come to expect of No.1 Bistro.

Our lunch selection offers a wide variety of flavours for our guests, who have the option to order from our Sandwich, General and Vegetarian/Vegan menus.

Please allow for cooking time. We don’t serve fast food, we serve good food as fast as we can.

Light Bites and Sandwiches

Sometimes lunch needs to be functional – that doesn’t mean it can’t be fresh local and delicious!

Freshly prepared sandwiches and speciality coffee are perfect for a quick treat in between your busy days.
All sandwiches are served on locally baked multi seed cob with dressed salad and kettle chips.

Tantalise your taste buds with a range of fillings from locally sourced products such as Barrock Smokehouse salmon and Charity Farm ham.


Something About Sundays

At Mackays, we take pride in our role as your favourite home away from home. If you share a love for the traditional Sunday comforts, join us at the No.1 Bistro where we offer a Sunday Lunch menu which varies per week with our seasonal produce!


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