Trace your ancestors in Caithness
If you, like many others, have found a calling to trace your ancestry in Scotland, we're here to help.

Trace your ancestry in the far north of Scotland

Find out who you are related to and let us help trace what ancestry to may have in Scotland!

Did you know that there are over fifty million people worldwide with Scottish Ancestry? Now, it seems very likely that you’ve got a distant Scottish relative. But how distant is your Scottish blood? If you, like many others, have found a calling to trace your ancestry in Scotland, we’re here to help.

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Our genealogy service at Mackays Hotel

If you find family links with the north of Scotland, our in-house genealogy resources may help you further in your search. As a guest at Mackays Hotel in Caithness, you can explore your own family history in the Highland area through the following services. Check our list out below…


We had a much needed break for 4 nights last week at Mackays in Wick The decent sized apartment was perfect for us and our two dogs and it was warm, safe and an excellent base for exploring Caithness. The Hotel is very well organised with regard to Covid restrictions, but this does not spoil the warm and friendly atmosphere and the owners are superb hosts. Breakfast is really tasty and served efficiently and the food in the restaurant is impressive, best polished off with a local dram from the bar

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A tree representing a family tree

How to start researching your family tree

Begin by drawing up your own family tree, with all the information you already have. You can find family tree templates online if you need help with this. Enter the names you know, along with dates and places of birth, marriage and death. Collect together any photographs or family records to help you, and fill in the gaps by asking other family members. Now you can use all of this as a starting point and work backwards through the generations to find out more. For Scottish ancestry, the Scotland’s People website is a great resource.

Our in-house genealogy resources

To help you trace your ancestry in Scotland we have the following resources:

The below resources can help you along the way in researching your distant relatives. If you need any more help, please just ask and we will be happy to help.

  • We can arrange contact with local genealogist/ researcher Mr. Ian Leith of Baseline Research.
  • We have a wide collection of appropriate books, old maps of the area, WiFi access, card reader, etc.
  • You will also have access to borrow books in our local Wick Library.

More local genealogy resources

Websites to help you trace your Scottish ancestry:

To help you continue your family genealogy quest you can download our document here which lists useful family research websites. You can also download this helpful document of local heritage activities. So take a look and see if you can find any exciting family links. Who knows who you could be related to! So get researching and let us know how you get it. It is always fascinating to hear the stories.

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Trace your ancestors in Caithness

If you, like many others, have found a calling to trace your ancestry in Scotland,…...

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