Autumn in the North of Scotland

Autumn is a beautiful season in the Highlands, so if you’re thinking about planning a trip there’s no need to wait! We’ve compiled a few of the best things about the North of Scotland this time of year:

Autumn walks

The days may be getting shorter, but that doesn’t mean the sun won’t make an appearance! There’s no better way to experience the changing of the seasons than with a fresh walk around Caithness. The coast is as beautiful as ever, but the woodland walks are breathtaking this time of year!

Secluded beaches

Children are back at school and people have returned to work after their summer holidays, so it’s a perfect time to enjoy some secluded parts of the Scottish North Coast. Long walks, sea air and harbours are even more fun when it feels like you’ve stumbled across a hidden corner of Scotland.

Starry nights

The sky grows dark earlier so you get more time to enjoy Scotland by night. This far north you get a perfect view of the stars and means you can grab some great photos.


A Scottish stag standing in braken in the rain

See some animals that start to show their faces in autumn – you might even catch some puffins before they head for open water! Deer put on a good show throughout September to November as they start their mating season and red squirrels start their foraging too.

Comfort food at Mackays!

After seeing all the amazing sights Caithness has to offer this season, you’re bound to be starving! It’s the perfect excuse to enjoy the best thing about the colder months – comfort food! Mackays Hotel and our No1 Bistro have a menu packed full of Scottish classics and local produce for you to try. Then finish your night at Mackays bar, with a warming dram of whisky – we have over 400 of them for you to choose from!

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