Charging your electric car is easy at Mackays Hotel

Do you have an electric car, or thinking about getting one? We are proud to be one of the few Wick hotels with electric car charging points. As you will know, finding car chargers on holiday in Scotland is a task before any long journey, especially when leaving big cities and heading into the country. So if you are planning on visiting Wick or riding through on the North Coast 500, it will give you peace of mind to know that here at Mackays Hotel we offer free car charging to all our guests. And there are plenty of chargers en route – even in the littlest of villages.

A red electric Tesla car charging at Mackays Hotel in Wick

Electric charge, free of charge

Wick is a popular tourist destination. It is a great place to get away from the hubbub of everyday city life. With a stunning coastline alongside nearby mountains and glens, it offers something for every lover of the outdoors. The problem for visitors who would like to explore the beautiful Highlands of Scotland by electric car is the perceived lack of electric car charging points in the Highlands. This can make for nerve-wracking journeys and desperate searches on charger location apps! 

So this is one of the reasons that we installed not one, but two new Tesla chargers, which can also be used to fit other electric vehicles. It means all our guests get to leave the hotel in the morning with a full charge to let them explore this wonderful piece of Scotland. So it’s time to get exploring, safe in the knowledge that there will be plenty of electric charge in your car.

It’s also great for those driving the North Coast 500 who are staying over with us for the night. Mackays Hotel can make sure you can keep going on your next leg, after having a fantastic night’s sleep. This makes us one of the few electric car-friendly hotels in the area. The North Coast 500 is a route that takes in plenty of memorable locations around the north of Scotland. It is, without doubt, one of the best road trips in the country – perhaps even the world. Breathtaking views, quaint villages, and unbelievable landscapes all combine to make it a bucket list journey. 

Electric cars in Scotland

The trend towards buying electric cars is strong and growing in Scotland. With more and more eco-cars on the road, it’s important that hotels like us provide a charging service to our guests. We’re delighted to help those who have taken environmental change into their own hands and invested in electric cars. We want to help them get the most out of their Scottish holidays.

So where can you head to near Wick in your electric car? How about discovering Caithness’ heritage, including Strathnaver Museum? Pack up your clubs in the boot and take a swing at one of the many Scottish golf courses that are nearby. Or drive out to the coast for a perfect boat trip around this rugged coastline and see some beautiful wildlife. And we are just down the road from the spectacular Duncansby Stacks and Old Castle Wick. What’s more, if you like your craft gin and beers, you can visit Rock Rose Gin distillery and John o’ Groats beer distillery close by. Or take to the passenger ferry in season for a day trip to Orkney.

Charge your electric car at Mackays Hotel

If you are planning a trip up to the Scottish Highlands in an electric car, then book your stay at Mackays Hotel to ensure a fully charged vehicle every morning. Hotels with electric car charging points are not everywhere, so we are happy to help our guests with their energy needs. An environmentally friendly trip around Scotland and a cosy, welcoming room when you get back? That’s what you get with a Mackays stay!

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