Keiss Beach
Keiss Beach offers white sands and spectacular views over Sinclair's Bay. Perfect for walking, relaxing and taking in the coastal scenery.
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Visit Keiss Beach on the east coast of Caithness

A remote, sandy beach by Sinclair's Bay

Just north of Wick, near the village of Keiss, lies Keiss Beach. A glorious white sandy beach with views over Sinclair’s Bay. This is a wonderful place to visit during a stay with us at Mackays Hotel. Perfect for walking, relaxing and taking in the coastal scenery. There’s also plenty of wildlife to spot, including a variety of seabirds and otters. The beach is dog-friendly and so is great for walks with your four-legged friend.

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Visiting Keiss Beach

There is a small car park at Keiss Beach, with a path leading down to the beach. At the rockier northern end of the beach, you can see across to Keiss Harbour and the ruins of Keiss Castle. The southern end of the beach is sandy with rolling dunes. Look out for the remains of World War II defences, which are slowly weathering away.


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Sandy beach at Sinclair Bay Scotland
Harbour in the village of Keiss, Scotland

North Coast 500

Visit Keiss during your travels on the North Coast 500 driving route around the spectacular north coast of Scotland. Check out our NC500 Guide for more ideas on where to go and what to see in the area. Including our fantastic North Coast 500 accommodation, with comfortable hotel rooms and holiday homes at Mackays Hotel.

Keiss Castle

The historic ruins of Keiss Castle

Overlooking the beach, Keiss Castle is one of Keiss’ most popular attractions. It stands in ruins on sheer cliffs over Sinclair’s Bay, dating from around 1755. Although it’s not possible to visit the castle, due to its decaying state, you can view it from a distance. Other nearby attractions include Keiss Harbour and village, Nybster Broch and Caithness Broch Centre.

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The ruins of Keiss Castle, Scottish Highlands