Caithness breaks inspired by ‘The Traitors’

Caithness is a rugged and remote area in the north of Scotland, where people come to get away from it all. It’s an ancient land, with a human history going back thousands of years past the Vikings to early humans. It’s a captivating landscape, and one that we love sharing with guests form all over the world. And for fans of the BBC show “The Traitors”, it’s a great place to consider the secrets, whispers and skullduggery that has taken place here throughout time. 

Castle of Mey in the Scotti

Caithness is rich with historic castles, where tales of intrigue and betrayal abound. Castles like Castle Sinclair Girnigoe which is thought to be the ancient seat of the Clan Sinclair, has surely seen it’s fair share of backstabbing. Similarly, Castle of Mey, the UK’s most northerly inhabited castle, must have plenty of stories to tell from modern history after being bought by the Queen Mother. 

Discover ancient castles and ruins throughout Caithness through our heritage blogs, and immerse yourself in recent history.  

Ancient history

Camster Cairns in Caithness

Fancy travelling thousands of years back in time and discovering how ancient people lived in Caithness? Visiting Nybster Broch might be for you. A broch is an ancient round building found in Scotland. The ones in Nybster are thought to be 2,000 years old. 

You can also travel even further back in time to 5,000 years ago when you visit the Camster Cairns. These ancient burial mounds offer an insight into Neolithic times in the country. We can only imagine what real life was like back then – and what mischief traitors were up to. 

Timespan Museum and Arts Centre

Scotland’s history is one of wars, upheaval and drama. A perfect place to get to grips with all of this is the Timespan Museum in Helmsdale. A major part of the museum focuses on the Highland Clearances. This was a time of intense change as crofters were thrown of the land they had farmed for generations to make way for more profitable sheep. Landowners were certainly regarded as undertaking traitorous behaviour at this time. It led to widespread emigration to the USA, Australia and everywhere in between. If you are travelling to Wick to search your family roots, the Timespan Museum is certainly worth a visit. 

Enjoy what Mackays has to offer

Of course, it’s not all about being a traitor. Visiting Wick can be about being a faithful instead! So as night falls over Mackays Hotel, join locals and fellow travellers alike at our in-house restaurant, No 1 Bistro. Then, settle in for an evening enjoying a range of the finest whiskies from all around Scotland. 

Mackays Bar whisky collection

So whether you’re exploring northerly castles, ancient landscapes or having a fine whisky, enjoy the thousands of years of history in Caithness inspired by ‘The Traitors’. Book your stay at Mackays Hotel and enjoy a warm welcome and comfortable rooms. Be sure to check out our special offers to make the most of of your break. 

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