Mackays’ Malts: Tomatin Cù Bòcan

This month at Mackays’ Bar we’re highlighting a smoky, sweet Highland single malt; Tomatin Cù Bòcan. It’s an experimental spirit from the taste, the distilling process, the company behind it and even the bottle branding.

Tomatin Cù Bòcan

This single malt whisky from Tomatin Distillery gets its name from the legendary hound that is said to have stalked the Highland village of Tomatin for centuries. The black beast, Cù Bòcan, is the inspiration behind the range of malt whiskies after a supposed sighting by a distillery worker. Don’t worry though, this whisky will give you a sweet surprise rather than a scare.

Signature and Creation Bottlings

The Signature whisky brings smoke and sweetness, thanks to the trio of casks the malt is matured in before bottling. First, a bourbon cask; giving the drink a smooth, sweet and almost honey taste. Then, an Oloroso sherry cask; for the rich and fruity notes. Finally, a North American Virgin Oak cask; allowing citrus and spice notes to develop. This process creates a surprising and rich flavour, without the need to shout about the malt’s age.

Now’s a great time to try a dram, after Tomatin produced some new designs and new creations earlier this year. If you’ve already tried and loved the Signature bottle, you’ll love the innovative new creations. Matured in stout and wine casks for a sweet, marmalade taste, Creation #1 is a must-try. If a sweet malt isn’t your thing, then Creation #2 is a more earthy, nutty whisky – perfect for the winter nights approaching!

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